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    Eclipse™ treatment planning system

    Combining an accurate proton Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm, automated contouring, and robust planning features, Eclipse simplifies the planning process without sacrificing plan quality.

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    RapidPlan™ knowledge-based planning

    Machine learning empowers clinicians to create higher quality plans in a fraction of the time.

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    Adaptive proton therapy integrating Velocity™ Software

    Determine when treatments require adaptation by providing daily dose information and dose accumulation.

RapidPlan & MCO

RapidPlan™ knowledge-based planning

Machine Learning

The power of RapidPlan PT is the innovative software that leverages existing clinical knowledge combined with machine learning to create quality plans, quickly and consistently. By building and sharing models based on previously treated patients, RapidPlan PT can allow clinics to reduce variability in treatment planning to achieve greater consistency, efficiency, and quality in patient care.


High quality plans in a fraction of the time

Knowledge-Guided Decision Support

In the first study of its kind, researchers from VU University Medical Center (VUMC), now part of Amsterdam University Medical Centers, were able to build a decision support tool using RapidPlan. They were able to automate the creation of a proton and photon plan in order to accurately predict the right treatment for each patient.

"This is the first investigation which demonstrates the feasibility of patient selection for proton therapy based solely on patient-specific knowledge-based predictions of proton and photon plan dosimetry without necessitating actual plan creation."
- A. Delaney et. al.

Adaptive proton therapy integrating Velocity™ software

  • Multi-Modality Image Registration
    Quick and easy to use rigid and deformable registration tools for CT, CBCT, MRI, PET, SPECT, AND RT images.
  • Share data easily
    Sync with ARIA® OIS and Eclipse™ treatment planning with one click. Scripting allows for automation of dose calculation and accumulation between Eclipse and Velocity
  • Map and model dose changes over time
    Track patient dose information from different vendors at different times to sum total dose across tumors and healthy tissue.

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