A new, unifying, more intelligent array of oncology solutions matters now more than ever. Together with Siemens Healthineers, we're dedicated to connecting all care to realize a world without fear of cancer. We'll achieve that goal through Intelligent Cancer Care. We're shaping the future of oncology with integrated, connected care pathways designed to drive efficiencies and deliver world-class treatment across the cancer continuum to increase impact where it matters most: patients.

Our expanded approach to Intelligent Cancer Care


Accelerated paths to treatment

Waiting is not an option for patients when it comes to effective treatment.

Together with Siemens Healthineers, we're applying our unmatched reach in imaging, treatment, and digital solutions to provide patients with same-day treatment options. With a fully integrated care solution, we are redefining cancer care.


Ecosystem with data-driven insights

Fighting cancer's one thing. Fighting it with Intelligent Cancer Care is the smart thing.

We're leveraging logic and AI to build a comprehensive oncology ecosystem that helps simplify workflows. That means that every day, every hour, we're empowering clinical teams to be smarter in the fight against cancer.


Personalized care

No cancer patient is the same. So, no treatment should be either.

Together with Siemens Healthineers, we're enabling better patient outcomes by delivering personalized care at every step of the cancer journey.


Increased access to advanced care

We envision a world where every cancer patient has direct access to the highest quality treatment plans, clinical expertise, and advanced, proven technologies available—no matter where they live.

With Intelligent Cancer Care, we're leveraging all the tools available today and working to innovate next-generation solutions to bring efficient, evidence-based care to all corners of the globe.

We're all connected through Intelligent Cancer Care

Let's stop thinking of cancer as a divider. Today's fight is about tearing down the walls separating patients from progress with more intelligent ideas and answers that reverberate to every corner of the globe.

With Intelligent Cancer Care, we're shaping the future of oncology. We're building shorter paths between consultation and treatment. Bridging the distance between Manhattan and Mozambique. Driving a direct link from high tech to high impact. And connecting the world through intelligent thinking, data, insights, and solutions to deliver advanced care for each patient’s unique journey.

Goodbye to cancer creating more division. Hello to Intelligent Cancer Care forging more connections. More global access to treatment. More exchange of knowledge. And a new, more unifying, smarter standard of oncology that will help us realize our vision of a world without fear of cancer.

Why intelligence matters

Over the next 20 years, newly diagnosed cancer cases are expected to grow ~67%. Even more staggering, only about half of these patients have access to care. And with an additional 150,000 skilled clinicians required to deliver the care needed around the world by 2035, the gap between access to cancer care and demand is increasing.*

Access is a universal challenge that impacts patients and providers in every country, making a new, advanced, more intelligent level of cancer care matter now more than ever. Cancer care that's streamlined, comprehensive, fully integrated, and makes care more accessible — bringing people, technology, and data together to connect patient and provider at all points of care.

Together with Siemens Healthineers, we provide a comprehensive portfolio – from advanced screening, diagnostics, and best-in class-imaging, to therapy and follow-up care – addressing the complete cancer care continuum. Intelligent Cancer Care is what today’s fight needs to increase our patient impact so that we can realize our vision of a world without fear of cancer.


Intelligent information

Why Varian

We're continually broadening the scope of our advances in Intelligent Cancer Care to ensure that you and your patients receive what you need to fight cancer. Our work in building an ecosystem of intelligent products and services is designed to help you solve the biggest challenges facing the world's cancer-fighting community.

About Varian

For over 70 years, we've been committed to creating simpler, fully integrated, and more intelligent ways for you to fight cancer. We're a global leader in developing and delivering multidisciplinary cancer care solutions through our strategy of always putting cancer patients at the center of our thinking.

Join Varian

Through our 10,000 employees across 70 countries, we're uniting the world's cancer fight by bringing bright, innovative people together to achieve new victories in the fight against cancer. Join our Intelligent Cancer Care team and make a difference in the cancer fight.

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